The nitty gritty details…

Where do I find the latest information for Leaders?  

Check out the Leaders page or ask your district rep!


We are camping at Cornbury Park and June 2014 with a year to go the campsite looks like this…EmptyField

The camp area at Cornbury has been confirmed.


We will operate a one-way system with ENTRY from Finstock and exit via Charlbury (see red line on map).

We are using the Yellow shaded area…


Our initial plans for the space are as below:



The Final price has now been set.  Running a camp of this size has considerable cost involved when all we get to start with is a field and one tap!
The Cub-Fest Weekend includes full catering for all Cubs and Leaders and a weekend of entertainment. All Cub packs need is suitable tents and a sense of adventure!

Cubs will cost just £50 and Leaders will cost £20 for the entire weekend.

Leaders can bring their younger children that are not Cubs where it would mean they couldn’t attend otherwise but there will be a charge of £20 per child to cover food and other costs. All young people and leaders will have to be registered to be allowed to stay on site and will be issued with an identification wrist bracelet!

Details and deadlines for bookings will be published shortly.


The whole weekend will be catered centrally. Because of the site layout, access to water and general access we require all Cub Packs to take up the offer of Central catering.

Catering will cover main meals. Water bottle fill points will be available. Cub packs might want to provide their own mid-morning and afternoon snacks!

If you have any questions please email