Security threads added to the £1 note in 1940
Tom Jones, Ringo Star, John Lennon and Cliff Richard born in 1940
The Blitz starts with England being bombed and England reacts by bombing Germany
Winston Churchill become Prime Minister in 1941
Enid Blyton publishes the first Famous Five books in 1942
“Utility furniture” introduced in 1943
Cilla Black, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards all born in 1943
RAF Mountain Rescue formed in 1944
D-day Normandy landings in 1944
Olympics scheduled for London were not held
Frank Oz (Muppets creator) born 1944
Fluorescent lights come to London Underground
Rev W. Awdry published “The Three Railway Engines” in 1945 and Thomas followed in 1946 in “Thomas the Tank Engine”
Rod Stewart and Eric Clapton were born in 1945
The United Nations Security Council formed in 1946
London Heathrow Airport opened to the general public in 1946
The Family Allowance was introduced and paid to Mothers
The peak of the Cinema with the highest attendance
Phillip Pullman (novelist), Alan Rickman (Snape), George Best (footballer) all born in 1946
School leaving age raised to 15 in 1947
Princess Elizabeth marries the Duke of Edinburgh in 1947
Railways were nationalised to become British Railways in 1948
The first supermarket was opened by The Co-op
Polos first introduced in 1948
The National Health Service (NHS) started offering free healthcare for all at point of service
Olympic games held in London in 1948 and the first Paralympic Games were held at Stoke Mandeville hospital
The sound barrier first broken in 1948 by British pilot John Derry in a De Havilland DH108
Hoover washing machines started production
Terry Pratchett (author), Lulu (singer), Prince Charles (prince), and Olivia Newton-John (Grease) all born in 1948
The de Havilland Comet becomes the first passenger jet
Noddy is first published in 1949
Brumas became the first Polar Bear to be born at London Zoo in 1949
Bing Crosby, Glenn Miller and Frank Sinatra continue to dominate the charts