Olympics in Antwerp
Rupert Bear comic strip first published
The British Legion is formed
R38 Airship makes its maiden flight from Bedford
Charlie Chaplin visits London greeted by thousands
The British Empire extends over 1/4 of the world
Austin 7 car introduced
BBC formed transmitting radio
King Tutankhamen’s tomb discovered by Howard Carter
Branston Pickle introduced
Just William stories first published
Big Ben’s chimes first broadcast on the BBC
The Shipping Forecast first broadcast
First television pictures sent by John Logie Baird
British Empire Exhibition opens at Wembley
A.A.Milne publishes “When we were very young” poetry collection
Double-decker busses with roofs introduced
Gertrude Ederle is the first woman to swim the Chanel
Red telephone boxes are introduced to London
Winnie-the-Pooh published
Transatlantic phone calls were first made
Flu epidemic kills millions world-wide
First automatic traffic lights introduced in Wolverhampton
Oxford English Dictionary completed after 70 years work
Flying Scotsman express starts the first non-stop train journeys from London to Edinburgh
Olympics in Amsterdam
Heinz Baked Beans first produced
The Pony Club founded
BHS and Tescos first opened
Music from Jolson, Gershwin, Fats Waller, Duke Ellington and Louis Armstrong in the charts